Balance Masters

Balance Masters® Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Balance Masters® ?
How are Balance Masters® installed?
How much out of Balance will Balance Masters® Correct for?
Do I need to pre-balance?
Would it be better to Pre-balance?
What kind of bad tire wear will Balance Masters® stop?
Will Balance Masters® correct for bad edge wear on my tires?
Will Balance Masters® stop the river wear on my tires?
How does Balance Masters® work?
What is the Liquid?
Will the Liquid wear out?
Is the Quick Silver a hazard?
What If I have an accident will I need to call Hazmat?
If I have a Balancer to discard, What do I do with it?
Where will I get the best results?
How Long will the Balancers last?
If my tires have started to show cup wear, will the Balance Master® stop it?
I have Dayton or Spider Wheels do you have balancers for this Wheel?
When I move the Balancer, I hear what sounds like sand or metal balls. Is this normal?
If I have a powder or gel in the tire, do I have to take it out for the Balancer to work?
Will bad shocks cause bad tire ware?
How much longer can my tires last?
Do I need to balance my Drives?
Should I Balance my trailer wheels?
At what speed will my wheels need to be balanced?