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Balance Masters, the revolutionary self-adjusting balancing system for your out-of-balance condition!

Balance Masters® easily installs on truck Wheels, Driveshafts, Engines and RVs (motor homes), motorcycles (Harleys), Aircraft Wheels, and most spinning shafts. We manufacture balancers for drive shafts, steers, duals, and drives on your heavy-duty trucks, clutches, sprockets, and flywheels for your motorcycle (Harley), propellers, and engine (Lycoming), and balancers on your ultralight and experimental planes, as well as many machinery applications. Please read what our satisfied Lycoming Customers say about Balance Masters®

Balance Masters works with a patented process that is simple physics.

Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Balance Masters® actively compensates for any out-of-balance condition and vibration. No steel balls, sands, or oils, and no rebalancing are required. The active ingredient is Quick Silver. It is 3 1/3 heavier than steel by volume and is all-natural. It is not affected by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. There are no wear patterns to worry about with Balance Masters® because there are no frictional materials. The liquid moves smoothly to the desired area around the balancer. The balancer actively balances the wheel assembly for a smooth ride.

For your Truck and Motorhome Balance Masters®, an active balancing system can save you money on tires, fuel, and parts due to no more vibration and stress. Each tire you scrap that still has reasonable tread costs you money. Balance Masters® active wheel balancing system will eliminate tire cupping and improve tire footprint on wet or slippery roads. One of the significant safety concerns, in addition to saving money on tires and fuel costs, is that the tires stay fixed on the road without bouncing, which gives you more control and a safer ride. Balance Masters® gives you that controlled, smooth, safe ride.

For your Harley motorcycle, Balance Masters® offers a straightforward solution to your vibration problems. This active balancing system will significantly reduce ghosting, numb hands and feet, fatigue, and no more bits and pieces of your bike falling off. Balance Masters® can radically reduce tire hop also. The balancer uses gyro stabilizing to minimize wheel hop in wet and slippery conditions. Balance Masters® offers a 100-day unconditional purchase price guarantee and a LIFETIME factory warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.