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Timothy (Mac) McGinnis


Tony Zorn


Roger, 7A, N374RS, Tucson


Wes Parker


Tony Zorn


Rich Klarich


Khalid Shuwayhat


Bud Liberatore


Louis Peinado


Jess H. Arias Jr.


Larry Dollarhide




Pudgy's Cycle


Badger's Bore & Stroke


Gary Horne


Jonathan Race


Big Jim


Edge Cylinder


Larry Borses


Michael M. Dyber


Blaine Swafford


Lance Jones


Hall Cycles & Machine

James Hall


John C Greaves


Anderson Cycles Sales


William Barroso


R Patriquin Trucking


David M. Graves


Kamal Mustafa


Hubert Brantley


John Johnk


Alan Burtch



I have installed a set of your Balance Masters® on my H1. I have two comments on this product.

Their performance is amazing. I initially purchased them to address high-speed (65 mph thru 70mph) vibration. They not only solved that problem but their effect on the ride at all speeds was amazing. I am now a regular and future customer whether I have a pre-existing problem or not.

Your tech support is great. Rather than a written response to my emailed question, I received a direct phone call to better respond to my questions. This type of service is reflective of a good company with a great product.

Thanks and Regards.

From: Louis Peinado

El Paso, Texas








Put the crank/clutch/front wheel set-ups on my 1995 shovel/harley clone. It was a supposedly balanced assembly, but it was unbearable over 30 mph. At an idle, it shook so bad that the front wheel would almost bounce. After the balancemasters were installed, I was pleased/shocked to see my front wheel not moving. I could actually determine if someone was behind me in my mirrors and what kind of car or truck it was! Today was a little too cold to go faster than 50 mph, (I wasn't prepared to ride in the cold), but it was supersmooth up till then. The tingle factor was also greatly reduced, and compared to the price of a Fisher damper, I bought the crank, clutch, and front wheel balancer, and had money left over. I've been recommending this set-up to the "Bro's" every chance I get. They too were amazed at the lack of vibration at an idle. Will give you a longer trip report later.

Thanks for a great product.


From: Jess H. Arias Jr.

Reedsburg, Wisconsin






Dear Sirs,


I am writing you to tell you how pleased I am with you balancers. I bought the two piece set for my 2002 sportster and installed them. The difference is amazing. I would guess the reduction in vibration to be around 50% or better. The bike is much smoother through the RPM range and cruises much smoother on the freeway. I cannot wait to rebuild the motor and have you balance the flywheels. I know this is a much better way of balancing the motor and if the improvement with the external balancers is any indicator, I will have one smooth running bike when it is done.


The unit installed in an afternoon and the results are wonderful.


A very satisfied customer.

Jess H. Arias Jr.







This bike had a VERY BAD vibration problem. The vibration was so bad that the bike would literally reverberate from the vibration on hard deceleration. After the installation of the balancers the bike now decelerates smoothly with minimal vibration and gone is the violent shaking and reverberation. If they can reduce the vibration in a worst case scenario such as this they will do wonders for your bike. THESE THINGS WORK!


Jess H. Arias









From: Larry Dollarhide

Broken Bow, OK.




I've been fighting a nasty buzz in my Capella Experimental powered by a 4 stroke Rotax 912. I ordered one of your balancers for 2 stroke Rotax engines and had the center hole enlarged by a machinist friend and installed it behind my prop. It has solved my problem. In fact, I'm amazed at the difference----It is silky smooooooth now. Thanks.



Larry Dollarhide












Balance Masters®,


I not sure if this is a testimonial but this is what I tell all my customers that don't already know the importance and benefits of adding Balance Masters® to your motor's flywheels. Stock or big inch motor!


I know from experience adding Balance Master in your build cost is the single most important thing you can do. To insure your project turns out to be smooth running, long lasting, and a True Street Performance Custom. Were not talking about a $600.00 license plate bracket. This is a True and Important Performance Modification that costs half. It can save the bracket from vibrating off and bouncing down the road! It is also a good idea if you have mirrors or plan to use them and it'll save money on gas caps, light bulbs too! I haven't lost a gas cap of mirror in seven years! I ride a hardtail with a TP 113" with 11 1/2 to 1 compression! If your building a performance bike and you don't spring for this your making a costly mistake!


Owner of Jack Wells Customs (

and former Senior Design Engineer for BOAR Motorcycles










From: Richard Larson

Okla. City, Ok.



Subject: Fantastic Job !!!!!!!!

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 97 02:31:42 +0000


I just had to write and thank you for the fantastic job you performed on my flywheel. I visited your booth at Sturgis and was impressed with the man who identified himself as the president of you company. (I am sorry that I have forgotten his name.) I am usually very pessimistic about sales presentations but you came through. The hardest part was getting up the courage to dismantle my flywheel for a process that I haven't been able to read any reviews about. Although I have heard varied reviews about the external balancers, I rationalized that the flywheel would be better.


I can't express the difference that I have felt. I have a 83 FXRS, which being rubber mounted is already what most people would consider smooth for a Harley. I actually pulled in the clutch and shut off the engine at 60 miles/hour just to see if what I was feeling was road vibration or motor. It was about 50/50 which was not much. It is as smooth as any Honda or Yamaha I have ever ridden. I still have some vibration at idle which gives that familiar "Potato" "Potato" feel and sound. But the minute I give it gas it evens out and I can all but read the license plates of cars behind me. ( No problem with business signs) I ride about 15,000 miles a year with most legs of a trip being about 600-700 miles/day. My wife, who travels with me, cannot believe the difference and says that from now on she wants any of our bikes in the future to have Balance Masters® work over the flywheel.


Just one final note.


My flywheel was balanced and trued before when I had my engine rebuilt.




Runnout at flywheel .003" Spec .000 - .006"


Runnout at Shaft .005" Spec .000 - .002


After Balance Masters®


Runnout at Flywheel .004"


Runnout at Shaft .001"


You can see that the flywheels were true within specs both times so I feel confident that the reduction in vibration was due to your product. No further modification was performed on the bike. Thank you once again.


Richard Larson

Okla. City, Ok.









From: "R.Larson"


What can I say. Your company has once again shown itself to be one of the few outstanding companies in the industry. I'll be a loyal customer for as long as I'm building my own engines.


You performed your VooDoo on my flywheels for my wife's Softail which she and I were building. I have to tell you that I was still skeptical about how well it would work on a solid mound. You had modified my 1983 rubber mounted shovel FXR and I have praised it's ride-ability to all, but it surprised me on the Softail. My wife put 690 miles on it in about 11.5 hours on the way back from Sturgis and was still wanting to continue on down the road when something got in her eye causing us to shut down for the night. No numb hands or feet. She has a Corbin seat but I don't so my rear was starting to give out. I do believe we could easily put in 800 to 1000 miles and not be totally exhausted.


Only one complaint. I can't get her to ride with me anymore. She loves her bike and attributes a lot of to reduced vibration you company has allow us to have.


Keep up the fine work and excellent service, turn around, tech support, and professionalism I've experienced from your receptionist on to all I spoken to.


Richard Larson











Badger's Bore & Stroke

403-D, E. Houston St.

Pasadena, Texas 77502


July 15, 1998


Dear Mr. Gamble,


I received your letter and new price sheet. Thank you for your interest.


We at "Badger's" were very pleased with the balancing work you did for us on the H.D. left flywheel. We used those 4.250" wheels with 3.625" S&S cylinders, to build a screaming 88" motor. Our best 1/8 mile pass was a 7.664 @ 89.35 MPH, which we were proud of, sense this motor was in a street legal, Softail frame.


We were using an Autometer Tach. with a RPM memory. Our little 88" was rewing 7100 RPMS at the finish line. The owner-pilot always reported the same story to me, back in the pits. "The motor is smooth as silk and still pulling hard at the finish line." Very impressive.


We are now making more horse power than the S" rear tire can handle at the starting line. So, it is on to bigger and lighter. We have an aluminum pro-street frame being built in Florida I will be building a 130" motor for it. Have no doubts the flywheels will be coming to you, when we get to that point.


As you well know, drag racing is expensive, so it will be a while before we are ready. Also, I am in the process of rebuilding my old 101" street shovelhead. As soon as I get through dynamic balancing the wheels to my new pistons, they will be shipped to you.


Well, back to customers work, so I can make the money for all this.


I also want you to know, that I sell a lot of your bolt on "Active Balancers". All of my parts come through Pasadena Cycle Supply, since Tom is my silent partner.


Later and if you're ever down this way, please look us up.



Badger Boynton








From: Jonathan Race <>






This is a note to describe to you the amazing difference that your product has made for my 1995 Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom. I recently purchased two units, a CL200 and a SC404 for my bike at Bike Week in Daytona Beach after seeing your booth and talking to the representative. Initially, I was a little skeptical because the vibration dampers I was looking into cost over $400 and since your products were remarkably less expensive, I was taking a cautious approach. I have always been a big believer in "you get what you pay for". However, I not only got what I paid for.... but more than I ever expected! It took me several weeks to get around to installing the Balance Masters®, but when I did, I immediately noticed a significant reduction in running vibration. I don't have any figures, but going literally "by the seat of my pants" I would say that the vibration in my bike is less than half of what it initially was. Likewise, it felt as if I were travelling 20mph less at speed - 70mph now felt like 50. The level of change was that dramatic. If you ever get around to producing one of your products for the wheels on my bike that can be added on, let me know right away. I'll buy it in an instant!


Furthermore, I got an additional surprise. When I went back through my paperwork for your products to pass on the information to my friends, I happened to notice the business card of the representative at the booth - specifically the word "President" under his name. Now I'm even more impressed than ever.




Jonathan Race


Acta Non Verba - Deeds Not Words

Jonathan Race

Firefighter/Paramedic II


Reply to: jrace at bitstorm dot net













Bill Malinchok


Suntech Innovations - Balance Masters®:


Through an effort to bring our engines and motorcycles to the leading edge of 21st century technology and protocol, we have incorporated Suntech Innovations - Balance Masters® in every engine-build Edge Cylinder Head produces. In a recent sponsorship program project we used Suntech Innovations - Balance Masters® on a 120c.i. pro-gas Shovelhead. The end result showed a much improved acceleration, superior balancing, and overall improvement due to rotating assembly frequency component compatibility.


Thank you


Edge Cylinder

Bill Malinchok












Michael M. Dyber

P.O. Box 305, Rumney

N.H. 03266 U.S.A.


To the crew at Balance Masters®,


I drive a '96 Sportster that has been bored, cammed, performance exhaust and ignition among other upgrades.


I hoped that your Balance Master installed in my crank shaft would at least make my Sportster still drivable.


Boy, was I in for a surprise!


Your Balance Master has made the difference between riding occasionally to wanting to get out there all the time.


The difference is dramatic!


The question is why doesn't the factory do this for all their bikes?


I feel your product is the best investment any Harley owner could make in their machine.


Thanks again for a great product.

My best always,

Michael M. Dyber











Lance Jones

Director of Marketing & Sales

Stinger Accessories

1741 W Rose Garden Lane # 1

Phoenix AZ 85027 US


July 29, 1998


To Whom It May Concern:


The Balance Master system has increased tire & suspension component life up to 30% on the Hummer®. The customers report a much smoother ride and no more balancing hassles every couple of months. Our customers have actually been the best salesmen for the balancers. When one Hummer owner buys a set he tells his friends and so on. We have been very pleased with the sales and customer satisfaction. I recommend them to all our customers.



John C Greaves

190 Wilson Blvd. N

Naples, Florida 34120

November 1, 1997




After owning three Hummers and trying to tame the highway ride with numerous methods, I am very fortunate to have met you at Quartzite Arizona in February 1997.


Your product, "Balance Masters®" is fantastic!!! I have tried other on the wheel balancers and found that they did not work well at taming the ride on my Hummers. Quite simply, "little balls in oil," do not do the job. . Your method of using "Quick Silver" is great. I believe it clearly flows more evenly and is the reason your product is so superior to anything else I have ever seen or used!!


After installing your product on my Hummer, I took a short ride with my son, and believe me, the ride was so improved we could not believe it!! Now when we ride down the road, anything that is in the center console area does not rattle and vibrate like it used to before installing Balance Masters®.


You clearly have a GREAT solution to taming the ride a Hummer gives on the highway. If you would like to have anyone call me for a reference on the product they can call 1-941-352-8971.


Thank you, and I wish you GREAT SUCCESS with this product.








Marty Anderson

Anderson Cycles

P.O. Box 146

Kearney, NE 68848-0146


September 23, 1998


We have been applying your products to the Harleys we buy and sell to give the customer the smoothest ride posible. Even on the rubber-mounts, Balance Masters® active balancing system makes the difference between a 400 mile touring day, fatigued, with tingling hands and feet, or a 600 mile day...arriving at your destination ready to party! We've seen this product alone, solely responsible for eliminating stress cracks at bolt holes in fenders and accessories. Think what it could mean toward extending the life of your hard-mounted Softail!











Hi-Tech Custom

5901 Sepulveda Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA 91411


818-901-0512 fax


June 3, 1998




Hi-Tech Custom highly recommends having your flywheels balanced by Suntech. You will not get a smoother ride with anything else.


Sandi Ruthman









Pudgy's Cycle

166 N. River Rd.

Auburn, ME 04210



August 19, 1998




Please install Quick Silver balancers in S&S flywheel and return to me.


I have 3 out of the 4 motors balanced with liquid Quick Silver on the road now, with excellent results.


I hope to do lots more in the future as everyone is really impressed with the ones that are running.


Thank You,











Gary Horne

15-6320-48A Avenue

Delta, BC V4K 4W3



July 21, 1998


Dear Sir:


Re: 1990 Heritage Softail


As I mentioned in my phone call of today, after removing balancer with my compensating sprocket, I noticed a big bulge in the rubber. When I tried to even out the lump, the rubber came lose. The one on my clutch works and looks fine. Now riding my bike without the front balancer, I feel vibrations that weren't there before.


So your balancers do work well. I was the first in my area to use balancers when I saw them in a bike magazine many years ago. I had phoned my order in and the first two you sent were wrong. The third one fit so I mailed back the other two. Then the very same happened with the clutch balancers, but once I had both of them on the bike, I could feel the difference - it was much smoother. I could actually see out of my mirrors. My friends tried my bike and ordered their own from our dealer.


A couple of my HOG club members had bought Fisher balancers and had problems with them, so after installing yours, they wished they had bought them in the first place. They are much happier with yours.


I am sending back the disc and rubber hoping that you can fix or replace.


Thank you from a long-time believer and user.



Gary Horne







Big Jim


November 30, 1998


Hey! Just want to tell you I built a one-of-a-kind 96 inch stroker rubber mount tribute Dale Earnhardt Harley and I got him to autograph it. The only thing that's worth more than the autograph is your Balance Master!











Larry Borses

74-923 Hwv. 111, Suite 233

Indian Well. CA 92210

I want to thank you for the quick service in shipping the clutch balancer.


I have been riding motorcycles since 1971. I have owned about 25 motorcycles, 7 or 8 of which were Harley's. I have always liked the light weight Sportster ( I had two previous to my current 1999 custom 1200) but found the vibration too tiring over long distances. When we met Chris Gamble at the show we were skeptical about the benefits of your Balance Masters® products. I want to happily report that I have tried my Sportster since the installation at all speeds and through all gears and I am completely surprised and amazed with the positive results. There is no way to measure the degree of reduction in vibration and I know that I am being subjective but from many years of motorcycling experience I would estimate that the vibration reduction is in the area of 70 to 80 percent. That is quite an accomplishment. You can be sure that I will spread the word about this really worthwhile product.












Blaine Swafford


Question of balance for H.D.

January 3, 2000


I built a 105 ci HD engine (installed in a rigid motor 1996 FLSTF) and used your dynamic flywheel balancer, it worked very well. Since dyno tuning it, changing the timing, etc. for max power there is now slightly more vibration. The RPM's hit 6200 during testing; could this have damaged the flywheel balancer?


It's possible that with the changed timing I am just feeling the firing pulses more.


Assuming that you don't feel that the RPM level damaged the flywheel balancer and the increased vibration is a result of the adjusted timing; would installation of a balance master for the clutch offer noticeable improvement?


The clutch has NEVER had a balance job done to it and this WILL vibrate WORSE than the engine.


What is the cost of the clutch balancer?


You make a good product, my bike (even now) is smoother than it was with the original HD engine and it is much larger wit increased stroke.


Blaine Swafford


Answer of balance for H.D.


Hi Blaine


The change in R.P.M. will not hurt the Balnce Master and YES the Clutch Balancer WILL help the bike. If your clutch is stock then the part is a CL200 at $83.00. Call us and ask for Paula Baker. She will make you a deal.


Thanks, Chris


January 4, 2000


I originally questioned the effectiveness of your active balancer, but since the bike has been on the road now for about 7,000 miles I have really appreciated it, and am happy to support your product.


I will forward this to Jon Beck to order the balancer. Thanks again for the quick response.


Jon: I get a little clutch slippage from time to time, makes a screetch before it goes. I know you put in modified clutch plates, but do you think we might need a stronger clutch spring??


If this affects the choice of a balancer model lets figure it out before we order the clutch balancer.


I guess this means we are going to install some model of sun balancer on the clutch. If it works as well as they say; it will be well worth it. Thanks for giving us a deal, Jon should get to know Paula Baker since he should be selling lots of balancers now.


Blaine Swafford


Note: Jon Beck with Hannon's V Twin in Scotts Valley, CA is the actual engine builder and should get the credit for it. Jon Static balanced the engine and did lots of other good stuff besides installing the balancer.











Hall Cycles & Machine

103 E. Hazeldell Ave.

New Castle, DE 19720



Att: Chris Gamble


In 1998 you balanced a right side from a set of 4 1/2" S&S wheels for my 1978 Shovel 86 cu inch.


Prior to this, I rode it for ten years as a 80 cu inch bal. at 60%.


With the Quick Silver bladder installed, it is much smoother at all speeds. I couldn't ask for any better.


I have a 1997 Heritage with normal vibration and I want to increase the cubes to 89". My question is, do I purchase S&S wheels with 60% static and then send to you, or will the bladder be sufficient? Please call or fax.


Thank you

James Hall












Dear Mr. Doyle,


I am writing in regard to my recent purchase of a set of Balance Master wheel balancers and I would like to tell you how satisfied I am with your product.


When I first saw your display at the truck show inMoncton and considered purchasing your product, I have to admit that I was skeptical that they would live up to your claims. As a true test of your product, I reinstalled a set of Bridgestone tires that I had removed after only 18,000 miles of wear because they had not been seated correctly on the rims at the tire dealer on installation and went out of round. These tires have been reinstalled with your balancers and I am pleased to report that after 20,000+ miles, they are working great.(No out of balance, no shimmy, and no front end problems.)


I would also like to note that I am very pleased with the excellent customer service with which I was provided. There were no hidden costs or surprises on delivery and the pricing was exactly as per our phone conversation.


I will highly recommend this product and your company to my colleagues and would like to thank you for providing a great service and an excellent product in a day and age when both are rare.



Robert Patriquin

R & R Patriquin Trucking

1336 Lake Road

Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia











Good morning Tracy


I want to thank you for recommending the Balance Masters for our motor home. We have just returned from a 1200 mile trip and are so pleased. The coach had new truck tires on the duals when  purchased and, while I like having the increased load capacity, the ride left a lot to be desired. There is significantly  less vibration and wheel  bounce now that we are running the Balance Masters. I am going to have Balance Masters installed on the front in wheels on our next visit to Apalachee.


Thank again

Hubert Brantley













In your last issue,Don Powell wrote that he had an alarming vibration in his 2004 Allegro, 32 BA at speeds of 50 to 60 mph.  This is exactly a problem Carol and I experienced on taking delivery of our new Tiffin .  In addition, after approximately 3000 miles, I could see an unusual and damaging wear pattern starting in the tread of the front tires.  As Danny Inman suggestted. I had all the tires re-balanced and the front end aligned. This did not correct or reduce the vibration.  I then contacted a friend who is a truck mechanic and described the problem.  He is seeing this problem on new truck chassis.  He said it is due to an imbalance of the rotating massof the wheel hub and brake rotor.  What? How do you fix this?  I asked. He said that some years ago as this problem beganto escalate in his fleet of trucks(due to the cost cutting measures of chassis manufacturers, according to him), he started installing what is called Active Wheel Balancers ( AWB) on all his trucks.  This cored the problem in all but the worst situations.  I then ordered and installed a set of AWBs on the front of our Tiffin.  ON the next trip,  I couuld not believe the difference.  It was not the same motorhome.  The vibration was completely gone, theRV was a joy to drive, the ride was vastly improved, and the unusual tire wearing stopped completely.  Now a true believer, I then installed a set on the rear duals.  The issue in the back we had dismissed as "road noise" completely disappeared.  I got myAWBs from Balance Masters.  Finally, mayn thanks to you, Danny, and to Tiffin Motorhomes for the "Serious Tech Talk"column which is helping Tiffin owners make an already great RV even better.


John Johnk

Lakeville, Minnesota

















From: Kamal Mustafa

Wildwood Capital LLC


I have installed a set of your Balance Masters® on my H1. I have two comments on this product.

Their performance is amazing. I initially purchased them to address high-speed (65 mph thru 70mph) vibration. They not only solved that problem but their effect on the ride at all speeds was amazing. I am now a regular and future customer whether I have a pre-existing problem or not.

Your tech support is great. Rather than a written response to my emailed question, I received a direct phone call to better respond to my questions. This type of service is reflective of a good company with a great product.

Thanks and Regards.





From: Alan Burtch []

Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:51 PM

To: 'Chris gamble'

Subject: RE: Ordering Driveshaft Balancer in Canada


I put your balancer on as you said and it worked beautifully! (No noticeable driveline vibration anymore.)


Thanks for your help and providing such a great product.

You may want to increase advertising though as none of my so called car nuts in this area have heard of Balance Masters and that’s a shame.














Good Morning,


I wanted to thank you, and let you know how much difference your active balancer made on my O-360 engine. I had a definite, but not horrible vibration at cruise speeds. After installing your active balancer, I was very pleased to NOT have my glareshield vibrating like crazy.

Another surprising plus was with my Stratus 2S.  I use the ADAHARS feature for my iPad and Fore flight. The gyro functions displayed on the ipad are now super smooth!


Finally, I have to brag a bit....after installing the Balance Master, I entered in the Oshkosh AirVenture Cup Race (2016) and took 3rd place in my class.  I only beat 4th place by a short margin. I can't say for sure, but I bet it was the Balancer Master, as it gave me an extra 100RPM in cruise flight.


Thx again!

Wes Parker

Lancair N360KL
























Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my purchase of your product.

I do some prop testing for Catto Propellers & have had to balance several props dynamically to my engine at a cost of $225.00 each time and that only provides balance at a much lower rpm than I run at due to me having a fixed pitch prop.

  With your product I noticed on take off as the engine came up on the rpm's that it was much smother than before & continued to notice that through the whole range of prop speeds. So that you know I'm the 2013 Northeast Advanced Aerobatic Champion flying usually against much more capable airplanes with constantspeed propellers, Which means I have to keep my engine spun up routinely to 3400 RPM to get the performance out of my mount.

  Thru the years I have had brackets & bulkheads constantly breaking due to vibration. Its nice to know now that regardless of how many props I decide to try I now have "Active Dynamic Balance" that stays with the engine and no more need to spend money balancing every time I bolt a new prop on the front.

  Thanks again for a product that ain't just hype I will be telling my aerobatic buddies about you guys.


Tony Zorn













From: Rich Klarich <>



Got your call. I like it enough to hang onto it.  My o-320 e2d lycoming with 9:1 pistons and the cheap VIP isolators/mount rubbers is not smooth with a sensinich 2 blade prop at idle or slowing to pattern speed.

Under 1900rpm is a bit rough.   It was dynamically balanced fine at cruise.  With the balancemaster it feels the same.

Feedback- the mount holes were not snug, they had maybe 1/16" wiggle room, there may be larger lugs that are snug. I'm sure it is fine with the prop torqued on.  The angle to the starter ring/flywheel and diameter of the mercury ring meant no traditional dynamic bolt/nut/washer combos could be used- it would bear on the mercury ring.

Because of items behind the flywheel like the starter, the bolt heads are aft and nuts/washers/shank face forward.  I won't put weights on the spinner flanges, so it's either balancemaster OR flywheel weights.

Since it acts as well as the dynamic balance weight, I kept it.  I will eventually go to a Catto 2 blade, those are smoother than the metal props.

I love the concept, it works at cruise rpms.































Hi Chris

Thank you for checking on my Dynamic Balance Master.   I have the Master balance installed on my Cozy4  aircraft with Lycoming IO-360 engine and wooden 3 blade performance propeller. the propeller from time to time get a notch from the dirt's on the runway and needs patching, the patching on any blade would put the propeller out of balance. In the past the propeller needed to be re balanced statically and dynamically by adding weight drilled into the propeller center hub, this would make the propeller weaker.   after installing the Balance Master on the engine ring gear, any repair patching to the propeller blades are finished with smooth sanding and clear paint finish and no need to balance it again , the Balance Master take care of the minor shift of the weigh and smooth the propeller very well. also I noticed that during checking the engine magnetos , when running the engine on one Magneto the engine rpm drops about 80 rpm and slight roughness in the motor, the balance master take care of this roughness the engine run smooth.


The Balance Master had maintained smoothness and protected the engine and the propeller from the vibration. Vibration is the engine worst enemy.  the Balance Master had been the best enhancement that I have installed to protect the engine . the installation was easy ,  it did fit perfectly on the engine ring gear holes.  I have attached a few photos showing the Balance Master on the Lycoming engine IO-360  ring gear.


Please use my photos and testimony for you product.  I thing you should advertise it better and explain its benefits in more clear articles in the EAA sport aviation magazine ,  kit plane magazine and Plan and pilot magazine.




Thank you

Khalid Shuwayhat

























Nice to talk to you this morning and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.   Here's a few shots of my "magic carpet ride".


 I installed the Lycoming Balance Master on this Starduster SA-100 open-cockpit, single seat biplane, powered by a 140hp Lycoming O-290-D2-B, behind a Warnke wood prop.  That was in Sept. 2015 and about 100 worry-free hours ago.   The disk, inspected twice a year, along with the prop, looks like it did the day it was installed.  No sweat there.


After installing Balance Master, there was a noticeable reduction of engine vibration on my biplane, readily seen in the brace wires, at any given power setting.  In flight, the whole aircraft feels even better, right through the seat of my pants.  The wear on the prop, from my  graveled homeport, and any subsequent dressing of the prop, is not an issue balance-wise, so long as the Balance Master goes back on the airplane.


Until I am running an electric motor in my biplane, your product will remain on the Lycoming and my Starduster helping to smooth the ride.   Great product and worth every cent.



Bud Liberatore, Eagle Point, Oregon











Since the above link to my Balance Master results is no longer active, and because I've had several folks ask, here is my experience and comments from 2014, for what it's worth, with some recent edits:


I have completed a test of the Balancemaster prop balance product on my AFP vertical injection, ECI 360, with Whirlwind RV200 prop, on my RV-7A with 380 hours.


First, thanks to Roger Lee, and A.J. Pawloski, for their great help in conducting this test. The Balance Master product may be obtained from Mark at Checkered Flag Restorations, (http://www.checkeredflagresto rations...tributors.html).


The following results were done with ACES equipment and prop at takeoff pitch (ie. fine pitch with RPMs controlled by the throttle).


First we completed a new conventional balance just prior to installing the Balancemaster. The results:

Without conventional balance weights at 2300 rpm: 0.17 ips.

After a new conventional balance at 2300 rpm: 0.12 ips.


Next, we removed the conventional balance weights and installed the Balance Master.

The results:

2300 rpm: 0.11 ips.

2000 rpm: 0.11 ips.

1500 rpm: 0.11 ips.

1000 rpm: 0.11 ips.


Results and Comments:

1. The cost of the Balance Master, at $350 (not including costs associated with prop removal and re-installation), was over twice what it cost me to get a conventional balance ($125).

2. Unlike a conventional balance, installation of the Balance Master requires removal and re-installation of the propeller.

3. Except for prop removal and installation, installation of the Balance Master was very easy. It fits directly on the front face of the ring gear flywheel. Existing propeller bolts were able to be reused.

4. Since I have a lightweight propeller, the added weight of the Balance Master (about 1.3 lbs) was not a concern for me.

5. Looking only at the vibration numbers, the Balance Master (0.11 ips) did not appear to be significantly better than a conventional balance (0.12 ips).

6. Notice the consistent vibration numbers at each rpm. This is one of the reported advantages of the Balance Master.

7. Unlike a conventional balance, use of the Balance Master should not require a re-balance every few years.

8. Though not listed here, the differences in vibration levels at various rpm's with the conventional balance was no more than 0.03 ips. I don't claim to be able to 'feel' differences this small, however, as soon as I started the engine with the Balance Master product, I did 'intuitively believe' that the prop/engine was smoother. Attribute that to wishful thinking if you will.

9. I was never completely confident in these test numbers. I would like to see results from additional testing.


Should I keep the Balance Master or return to the conventional method? I look forward to your comments.


About a month later, I returned the Balancemaster and completed another conventional balance with a different person doing the balancing. The results, at 2300 rpm were:

without any balance weights, 0.66 ips

after conventional balance, 0.02 ips.


Roger, 7A, N374RS, Tucson







Hey Chris,


Want to tell you how happy I am with my lastest balancemaster that I got from you. Put it on my swamp monster (modified woody Pusher) . I changed the prop from a wood sensenich to a plastic prop that would not absorb the engine pulses from the little C-90 . Was getting beat to death till putting your product on, made the prop all I was hoping for! As was the case with the one I put on my aerobatic mount I very pleased. As I told you on the phone....ain't much now a days you can buy that will make an immediate difference in the seat of the plane, yours does. Most companies that claim the ability to do that are selling snake oil.






 Tony Zorn




As I mentioned on the phone I am extremely satisfied  with the Lycoming engine balancer I bought from you 4 years ago.   My engine (IO-360 with angle valves) is factory rated at 200 Hp.   I designed and replaced the stock cross-over with 4 into 1 tuned headers which ups the Hp around 7%.   I also added cold air direct induction which should conservatively  add another 5% Hp.    So I'm pumping out somewhere between 220- 225 Hp total.


I had the same model engine (without the power upgrades)  on my '73 Cardinal RG a few years back with first a (approved) McCauly C.S. 2 blade Aluminum prop. It had a very noticeable harmonic vibration between 2000 & 2200 RPM.  I switched to a (approved) Hartzel C.S. 3 blade Aluminum “Top Prop”.  That prop did run a bit smoother in the same RPM range. But it stayed with the plane when I sold it.


As you know Hartzel warns against using their props on anything except those approved by them for that specific prop/engine/air-frame combination. That sets a very high bar for most home-built aircraft. I did find a Hartzel 2 blade aluminum prop (new condition) that had been approved for use on an R.V. plane with my same model engine. I don't know how much the air frame contributes to harmonic vibration but it vibrated  noticeably in that same RPM range.


That's when I decided to have the prop & engine balanced on my plane (BD-4). My research said that with most balancing methods you have to pick one RPM to balance at.  It seemed like a lot of money ($350 +/-) to balance each new prop you try and at only one RPM!


Then I ran across the website. You claimed that your engine/prop balancer would automatically re-balance at any RPM and with any prop. I may have been “born in a barn” but NOTyesterday.  It all sounded too good to be true, but hey it only cost about the same as a single dynamic balance (which I would do after the Balance master failed).


Long story shortened...It didn't failto run smoothly at any and all RPM's between idle and red-line (2700 rpm). I then switched to a wood core/composite Prince F.P. Prop for a while.  Then I went to a Whirlwind Composite 2-blade 74HRT C.S. Prop looking for improved air flow through my very tight cowling (which the previous props failed to improve).


In general 4 cly Lycs are notorious (even in their own literature) for vibrations between 2000-2300 and above 2600 RPM's. During take off I want 2700 for longer than a couple minutes, especially in mountainous terrain and without life-limiting vibration.And for economy cruise something between 2000-2300 is real nice. With your Balance master ring I can choose any RPM on any of the 3 (very different) props I tested without noticeable vibration!  Oh and did I mention how easy the installation is...easy peasey!!  Thanks for knocking a home run right out of the park!!! Every aircraft engine needs one...I give it 5 stars (times 2).



A very satisfied customer,


(one who almost never writes reviews)


Timothy (Mac) McGinnis


PS. I know this “book” is too long for advertisements but I just had to share the whole story with you. So feel free to edit to your heart's content and publish where you see fit. I'm also real interested in your landing gear balancers. Please send any literature and prices for (2) 6” main wheels.  Do you have one to fit a 5” nose wheel with a forked attachment nose strut?


























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