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1Q. What is a Balance Masters® ?

1A. Balance Masters® are an ACTIVE Liquid Balancing System for a Rotating Mass



2Q. How are Balance Masters® installed ?

2A. Over the Brake drum behind the Wheel or Between the Dual wheels



3Q. How much out of Balance will Balance Masters® Correct for ?

3A. Balance Masters® will Build up to 28 to 30 oz at 35 to 40 MPH and More at higher speeds



4Q. Do I need to pre balance ?

4A. NO we suggest that you take the weights OFF and let the Balancer do the JOB that you Expect it to do ( Balance )



5Q. Would it be better to Pre balance ?

5A. NO as the Weight is Fixed for one speed and can't move as the Tire Wears This Will cause the Tire at some speed to wear out Faster



6Q. What kind of Bad tire wear will Balance Masters® Stop ?

6A. Balance Masters® will STOP the CUPPING this will Increase tire life up to 50% or more



7Q. Will Balance Masters® correct for bad Edge wear on my tires ?

7A. No that is a Maintenance Problem



8Q. Will Balance Masters® stop the river Wear on my tires ?

8A. No that is a Maintenance Problem



9Q. How Does Balance Masters® Work ?

9A. Balance Masters® works With Centrifugal force to center the Liquid and increase the weight



10Q. What is the Liquid ?

10A. Quick Silver , it will not Freeze or Boil at any temperature that you will drive at.



11Q. Will the Liquid Wear out ?

11A. NO Quick Silver is the ONLY non Frictional liquid known to man that will not wear.



12Q. Is the Quick Silver a hazard ?

12A. ONLY if it is Ingested or Inhaled.



13Q. What If I had an accident will I need to call Hazemat ?

13A. NO Balance Masters® are Manufactured with a self sealing Bladder to Keep the Quick Silver in place



14Q. if I had a Balancer to discard What do I do with it ?

14A. Send it back to the Manufacture to be Recycled



15Q. Where will I get the best Results ?

15A. #1 Steer Axle #2 Trailer Axle #3 Drive Axle



16Q. How Long will the Balancers Last ?

16A. Balance Masters® are Manufactured to last and should out live the owner and the Truck



17Q. If my tires have started to show cup Wear will the Balance Master stop it ?

17A. YES the Balance Master WILL stop the cupping from getting worse and let the rest of the tire Wear evenly



18Q. I have dayton or Spider Wheels do you have balancers for this Wheel ?

18A. Yes we manufacture the ONLY Balancer for the dayton or Spider Wheels.



19Q. Wen I move the Balancer I hear what sounds like sand or metal balls, is this normal ?

19A. YES Quick Silver is a Liquid Metal and the Rubber Bladder helps to Dampen the sound,this is normal.



20Q. If I have a powder or gel in the tire do I have to take it out for the Balancer to work ?

20A. YES as the outer material will interfere with the way the Balancer works.



21Q. Will bad shocks cause bad tire were ?

21A. No but they will make it worse as the shock is there to retard the wheels bounce.



22Q. How much longer can my tires last.

22A. Up to 50% or more, just stop the cupping and you increase the tire life by that much, and if it never starts you increase it by MORE



23Q. Do I need to balance my Drives ?

23A. We recommend that ALL wheels be Balanced so that you get the MOST from your tires



24Q . Should I Balance my Trailer Wheels ?

24A. YES, the trailer wheels are Just like the Steers they are FREE rolling wheels and NEED Balancing just like the Steers.



25Q. At what speed will my wheels need to be balanced ?

25A. On a 22.5 or 24.5 wheel it will start to hop at 35 to 40 MPH this is the time it needs to be balanced






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