Birch Entriken Airline pilot; 23,000+ hours; 38 years flying experience. Raced at the National Championship Air Races, Reno, NV since 1999 in both Formula One and Biplane classes. First place, Biplane Silver Division, 2013, 2014 and 2015. I have been racing the Pitts S-1S at Reno since 2009. The race propeller was already dynamically balanced when I purchased the airplane. I had it dynamically balanced again, on top of the previous balance, to try to fine tune it further. The propeller was pretty smooth at full RPM but had numerous vibration issues at lower RPM ranges. What I found with the Balance Masters balancer was a significant smoothing of vibration throughout the full range of RPM. The same thing is true with the aerobatic propeller, which is a much bigger and heavier propeller. This is all achieved with a simple installation and negligible increase in weight over the original dynamic weights. I highly recommend the Balance Masters Active Dynamic Balancer!

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